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New Blog up on Warrior Witch (my website for readings):

I felt all this... urging to tune in to some spirits and let them talk about Japan and the Middle East and whatnot... not expecting what came out but .... was kind of interested.

Celia Fenn has posted about how some "emergency angel teams" (...) have been sent in to help with everything going on, and are enlisting very spiritual people to help ground huge discharges of energy.  I don't know about everything else, but I can account for "enlisted to ground energy surges" thing.... that happened to me Friday morning...

I was minding my own business, sewing some stuff for class (... why do we have to sew ;_; ...) and suddenly it was just like tons of energy flowing through me... didn't know what to do with it but felt like I should ground it.  Then I felt like my mind/consciousness had been taken to off the shore of Japan, and I saw this HUGE spiritual Earth-spirit like being rise out of the crust there O_O!!  

It was kind of like earlier this year and sensed the HUGE Earth spirit (looked different though) rising up out of the Midwest o_o....

So the jist of the channel i got was that the spirits were basically like "Hey, we're doing a lot of work over here, moving things around so that all of us can ascend, and knocking some things down and that's making gnarly things happen up there.  Our bad.  Sorry :( "

On I've recently been trying to address the combative fighting atmosphere...  made a couple of posts yesterday and saw some replies both for and against what I'd said... about to go jump into the fray, see what's happened since I've been in bed...  o_o

Trying to figure out how to lead a group ritual here in Hilo to get in contact with the spirits the same way that I can...  Any suggestions on ritual things to do? 


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