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It seems that I have somehow caught the flu... AGAIN.  Because once round clearly isn't enough for one cold/flu season.

I wasn't really sure what was going on at first...  it felt like all of my muscles were really sore but I didn't feel fatigued or coughy...  just really painful.

I guess I was also sneezing a lot... thought maybe there was something in the air that I was allergic to, or maybe an especially powerful lot of "vog" in the air...  I cleaned my window screens at the time of the excessive sneezing and they were completely black.  O_O.  Vog is the smoke from Kilauea...  we don't have "smog" here, not really... the air is mostly clean except for when fumes and smoke from Kilauea start drifting over here.  Most people that have lived here a while will feel really crappy on voggy days.  Headaches.  I did (and do) have a headache.  

Then, yesterday for no reason that I could tell my upper lip started swelling up...  so got some Benadryl and it went down... but still wtf??